Malaysia: Petronas Twin Towers, World's Tallest Building

Nearly each country has a building or a monument, which became pride. Indonesia for example, has national a Monument (Monas). France has the Eiffelturm. Italy has tower of Pisa is famous because of the upward gradient. Also Malaysia. Countries in Southeast Asia progressed all right far features or the Petronas twin Towers Petronas twin Towers in the city center of Kuala Lumpur far away. Visit to Malaysia, in particular Kuala Lumpur, less afdol, if not by the famous Petronas twin Towers became stopped. The first impression, if in the area very beautiful KLCC Petronas Towers is. From the jurisdiction of the main entrance, burning the lights on the tower is bright. … Wow, coolly! Although the neck must become ready didongakkan, is not guarantees muscular strain feeling, if already tersirap admiration over the beauty this symbol of the KL city. Petronas twin Towers, or also as Malaysia admits was " Berkembar Petronas Towers" in Kuala Lumpur once the highest building of the world, if from above the entry door, so that the upper structure measured. Nearly each tourist, who comes to Kuala Lumpur, became Petronas Towers of one of the places, which are visited. The form is likewise unique. The tower at the point, if around 45 degrees turned, around form of geometry Islam, Malaysia state philosophy. Petronas twin Towers dibangunan over a surface of 40 hectares into the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur removes. It was sketched of the architect Cesar Pelli and prepares March 1996. Tower made of glass and high-grade steel ketuli 88-Grad highly, a legacy imbasan Muslim Malaysia. The structure is a Design principle, that the form Chicago building, which had now called off refers. There are 12 lights around the tower is approximately flickering 24 hours on the day. A lamp worth RM15.000. Totally expenditure for maintenance of the Petronas Towers Berkembar RM270 millions resulted. Tower location becomes on the former is the field, where those horse running. Horse-runs is a synonym for gambling and is convenient into tenggah officials of the city to move around Malaysia a racecourse field outside of the city. Petronas of towers are two twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was regarded the highest building of the world of a high main entrance highest construction unit. To be reflected the tower/of Cesar Pelli sketched and posed in the year 1998 as highly as 88 floors with Designs, the Islamic culture in Malaysia rooted is. On 17 October 2003 Taipei 101 took the record for the twin towers are that them stated now that the promotion of these towers is the Petronas Towers is the highest twin towers of the world. Petronas Towers stand as highly as 452 meters or 1483 meters up to the summit are computed. Angularly to eight star at each intersection forms the ground of the two forms and added, a piece of the circle. Ceser Pelli Design uses common motives in the Islamic art used, there the Islamic culture has itself to a brand name of Malaysia. To its establishment Berkembar Petronas Towers, excavation and establishment deeply like 117 meters to develop the building of five floors highly. To reach 100,000 tons knew total weight of the building. The tower points characteristics on singular security and for the first time assigned in Malaysia. If an earthquake or Tornadoes, the tower will be inclined. Kecondongannya follow gusts wind velocities of up to 1.5 meters. If the disaster diminishes, the tower will used stand like. Under the second tower, a bridge (or Jejantas Skybridge air), those the two towers is connected on the floors 41 and 42. This bridge is the goal of tourists, who are the Petronas Towers with a limited number of tickets (approx. 1200 pieces). Beyond that the bridge is used also for the evacuation in emergencies in a tower, so that the inhabitants can move into the tower surely. As is the case for other high buildings, the Petronas Towers could vary, if the wind so that the building of the bridge was not rigidly at a second tower installed. Among them there are Suria KLCC, which is one of the most encouraged shopping centres in Malaysia, and it is also the KLCC park, which a Joggingstrecke offers, Billard plays, and a playground for children as well as shows a pool with a jumping well symphonischen. Beyond that there is also orchestra Filharmonik Petronas. National oil Syarikat Malaysia, Petronas, is decided, to build highest buildings of the world. Although also different buildings have like the Sears Tower higher extent of utilization, peak (Pinnacle) is higher, and higher roof, the peak (Spires) highly rising Petronas twin Towers, as 452 meters (1483 foot) - highest as Taipei 101 Tower. Architects ate foreign enterprises Adamson, from Canada as well as Cesar Pelli of Cesar Pelli of Cesar Pelli & Ate Architects with the United States Interior Design, which reflects deeply rooted Islamic culture in Malaysia. Petronas twin Towers is not a Design, which is singular and the only one in the world. Cesar Pelli (Argentina) also the Miglin Beitler Skyneedle of building (or also as Miglin Beitler Tower) as highly as 609.58 m in Chicago to have the USA, which 1998 were locked, the similarities with the Petronas Towers seem conceived. Samsung engineering & Construction and Kukdong engineering & Construction: I of Hazama corporation OF Japan and Tower II was i.e. built for Tower of two South Korean enterprises. The building of this tower began 1992 and closed 1998 with a tower height of 451,9 m (1483 foot) covers an antenna tower and a total area of the twin Towers is 88 floors. Between Tower I and Tower II, the first tower finished placed II construction draws by a Korean enterprise done, one month early conclusion the tower I. But on 17 October 2003, recording Petronas twin Towers was unfortunately struck as the highest building of the world since 1998 of the Taipei 101 buildings. But the Petronas twin Towers holds still the title as world-wide highest twin towers. Now it is to be known time, closely architects renowned to Petronas twin Towers is. Cesar Pelly, which was born on 12 October 1926 in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, is a famous designer, whom successfully a multiplicity of building of one the world largest Petronas twin Towers sketched in Malaysia.
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